Get The Benefits You Deserve As A Veteran

Veteran’s Day is about acknowledging, honoring, and sharing appreciation for the honorable. Those who spent time fighting to uphold fairness and freedom for residents of the United States and around the world. Thank you for your service.

Sometimes, for those who live to serve others, it is hard to say yes to help when it is needed. The VA offers help, and YES, you have earned it. Say YES, if you could use the help. It is always better to accept a hand than to fall.

One benefit offered to Veterans, is often referred to as “Aid and Attendance,” could provide you with the help you need. This benefit provides financial support to assist with the costs of long term care. The VA will give you cash that can be used to pay for a caregiver, nurse, medications, or whatever needs exist. A VA Accredited Attorney can meet with you to discuss the qualifications for this program and other long term care options. Remember, you earned it.

We appreciate you and thank you for your service.

Authored by Erica R. Berger-Hausthor, Esq. in honor of WWII Veteran, Saul Berger, recipient of the Silver Star Medal and the Purple Heart.

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