Orlando, FL Medicaid Lawyer Discusses the Requirements for Qualifying for Medicaid

In order to be eligible for Medicaid, there are three tests that you have to pass. The first is a medical test. Either you do or you don’t. There’s nothing that anybody can help you do to become eligible or ineligible. As far as that test goes. However, there is then a income test and an asset test. Both of these tests change annually. So it’s important to work with an attorney who’s paying attention to these things, so they can give you the most up to date numbers. However, even if you’re over income, there are ways around it. Even if you’re over assets, there are ways to protect what you have and still get eligible for Medicaid. So people oftentimes look at those numbers and say up no way that I can’t qualify it from that perspective. You know, mom, sure she needs the medical test, but income and asset there’s no way. In fact, there is. lawyers do this all the time. It is the practice of law and you do have to work with a lawyer. But lawyers like those of us here at the family first firm, do this day in and day out.

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