Protecting Your Children Through Estate Planning

Here’s something that may surprise you: Protecting children is something a lot of attorneys don’t give much thought to. This is something we have gathered from our extensive experience with estate planning. At the Family First Form, we found it to be a severe deficiency and have implemented changes to ensure parents have a way to protect their children. 

That is why we created the Children’s Protection Plan. This is a set of documents that we have hand-selected. It ensures that your children are taken care of. They allow you to express your wishes to your children’s future caretakers. You can specify:

  • Who will take care of your children if you cannot do so?
  • How do you want your children raised?

The Children’s Protection Plan is designed to handle a wide range of contingencies. Though we cannot tell you what will happen in the future, we can confidently say that you and your children will be prepared for whatever happens. For instance, this plan enables you to assign both temporary and permanent guardians. 

A Manual For Raising Children

Imagine that someone passes away, and you are now raising their children. Though you may know these children very well and may have even watched them grow up, you may be entirely in the dark regarding their medical history. Who is their primary care physician? This is the type of information you can include in the Children Protection Plan. 

Furthermore, it gives you the ability to express how you want your children to be raised. Though your child’s doctor and medical history are more matter-of-fact, you can still include what your values are. Do you have any spiritual beliefs that you want your children to adopt? You may have lifelong friends or other family members that you want to be in your child’s life. 

The Children’s Protection Plan

The effectiveness of the Children’s Protection Plan is twofold. It gives you the peace of mind that if something were to happen to you, your child will be raised in the way you would have wanted. And think of how powerful this tool will be for the person who will be raising them in your absence. They will understand everything from your religious preferences to their medical allergies. After establishing what your values are, you may have a clearer picture of who you want to choose as a guardian. Nothing says that you can’t give this information to this person while you are still alive and healthy. It provides the future guardian a chance to ask questions, but it also allows them to have a clearer idea of your expectations. 

Though many attorneys may overlook your children, the Family First Firm does not. Contact us to schedule a consultation for more information about estate planning or the Children’s Protection Plan. 

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