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VA Benefits – Important Update

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Erica Berger-Hausthor


Are you a Veteran or the Widow of a Veteran? Do you have concerns about the costs of Long Term Care?

Most of us will need some help at some point in our lives. The Veteran’s Administration provides financial assistance for the costs of long term care through a program often referred to as “Aid and Attendance.” Since 2015 the Veteran’s Administration has stated that they are planning to change the qualifications and LAST WEEK they announced that these changes will go into effect on October 18th . What does this mean for you and your loved ones? The following tips can help navigate the changes.

1. Discuss with your local VA Accredited Attorney how you can get qualified for VA benefits ASAP!

The Rules will be stricter starting October 18 th . If you need help with Long Term Care don’t wait any longer, let’s get your application together and in ASAP.

2. Even if you don’t need Long Term Care now, plan with your VA Accredited Attorney NOW!

Chances are that you may need help in the future. A reliable Accredited VA Attorney can advise you on the new rules and why it is beneficial to plan now. One big change is that starting October 18 th , the VA will now look back for up to three years before you apply for benefits to see if you “gifted” money to anyone or anything. “Gifting” to them means giving something of value to someone for less than it is worth. However, they will only look at gifts made after October 18 th so any planning you do now will NOT hurt you in the future!

3. Don’t freak out!

A reliable Accredited VA Attorney can advise you on the new rules and why it is beneficial to plan now. Even with the changes, there will still be methods to help people qualify for this program without spending all of their hard earned money. Until the program begins you have better options. Come meet with one of our VA Accredited attorneys to come up with a plan.

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