How long can you afford a nursing home?

Average Nursing Home Costs in Florida: $10,000

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Nursing Home Costs Can Quickly
Deplete Your Savings and Assets.

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Outstanding in every aspect. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Outstanding in every aspect. If I could give 10 stars I would. Thank you for the best care of my elder parents. Wish I would have contacted you sooner. I recommend this firm to anyone needing help with their elder loved ones.



Working with Family First Firm - Medicaid & Elder Law Attorneys is one of the best decisions we've ever made. Our Medicaid application was approved. I felt like I was in great hands the entire time. I highly recommend her and Family First Firm - Medicaid & Elder Law Attorneys!



I cannot say enough wonderful things about this firm and the people that work there. I was facing an uphill battle with my husband and they helped me obtain Medicaid. They are kind, patient, and deliver what they set out to conquer. I would highly recommend them.


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Our Success Stories

Protecting Their Life Savings

Janet resides in a nursing home. Gerald, her husband, is a retiree who continues to live at home. These are their assets:

  • Checking Account – $28,600
  • Retirement Account – $34,000
  • Two Vehicles – $7,500
  • Stock – $65,000
  • Total Assets – $135,100

With our guidance, Janet was able to attain full Medicaid benefits in only two months. Without our help, they would have been broke in a little over a year, but now Gerald gets to protect everything they spent their lives saving!

Preserving Robert’s Legacy

Robert is a 91-year-old widowed man. These are his assets:

  • Rental Home – $91,500
  • Checking Account – $105,350
  • Mutual Fund – $12,250
  • Total Assets – $209,100

Robert had enough to pay for twenty months of long-term care. Instead, we helped Robert’s family save over $167,000 and transitioned him to full benefits in only three months.

Susan’s Story

Susan is an 82-year-old widow. These are her assets:

  • Checking Account – $37,000
  • CD’s – $48,000
  • Total Assets – $85,000

Susan had enough to pay for eight months of long-term care. Instead, with our help, she saved over $75,000 and transitioned to full benefits in only two months.

Saving Spouses

Julie and Manuel were married for 45 years when Manuel was diagnosed with health challenges that required him to stay in a nursing home. These are their assets: 

  • Checking Account – $5,020
  • Savings – $51,500
  • Investments – $31,000
  • CD – $6,000
  • Total Assets – $93,520
  • Manuel’s Monthly Income – $3,650
  • Julie’s Monthly Income  – $520

We helped Julie protect all of their marital assets and receive over $1,500 a month of Manuel’s income so that she could care for herself. We got Manuel the best nursing home care, priced at $10,000 a month, for less than $2,000 a month!

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